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Both medical and cancellation/interruption insurance is mandatory for all our tours.

COVID-19 Waiver and Release

On this date, I requested that Comfortable Hiking Holidays, an independent contractor (the 'IC') with Vision Travel DT Ontario-West Inc., make one or more travel bookings on my behalf, as well as on behalf of my family. Vision Travel DT Ontario-West Inc., its officers, directors, employees, agents, servants and contractors, including the IC, are hereinafter called the 'Agency'. As the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic remains ongoing at this time, I acknowledge that for this reason, and other reasons not reasonably foreseeable at this time, these travel plans may be interrupted or cancelled by the supplier that is providing them, a government entity or other third party over which the Agency has no control. I further acknowledge that the supplier's own cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, subject to any applicable law that is now or may later be in effect, will govern my rights and remedies, including my right to receive a refund, in such an event.

Moreover, I understand that should I elect to purchase travel insurance, the terms of the individual policy I have chosen will dictate whether, and to what extent, coverage for any financial loss may exist under the circumstances.

By signing this waiver you also agree to take responsibility for reading, accepting and completing the necessary Covid travel requirements required by the country or state of your destination. These requirements are continually changing and you agree to keep updated to the current details of your trips departure date. In addition, future testing availability and costs cannot be guaranteed for future travel dates.

By agreeing to these terms, I hereby agree to hold the Agency harmless and release it from any and all liability for any damages, including but not limited to monetary losses, I may incur as a result of such interruption or cancellation of these travel plans.

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Terms & Conditions



A deposit is required at the time of booking (see individual trips for amount required for deposit). The balance is due 60 days prior to departure unless otherwise specified. Late payments causing penalties to be levied by the airlines or any other supplier shall be the responsibility of the traveller.


Reservations are to be made online. We accept credit cards and personal cheques (payable to Comfortable Hiking Holidays). If paying by cheque, mail cheque along with a reservation form to:


Maddalena Molino

Comfortable Hiking Holidays

251 Consumers Road, 7th floor

Toronto, ON  M2J 4R3  Canada


6079113 Canada Inc., doing business as Comfortable Hiking Holidays, is an independent travel affiliate with Vision Travel DT Ontario-West Inc., a Canada corporation registered under the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 Registration Nos. 50023501 and 50023502.




Comfortable Hiking Holidays will base the decision whether or not to proceed with a trip taking into account several key factors, including but not limited to: the Canadian government’s travel advisory, the state of entry/exit requirements in each specific country, as well as the overall COVID-19 situation at that time. Rest assured, that our number one priority remains the safety and well-being of all our guests.


If you need to cancel your holiday, deposits are refundable or transferable up until the date of final payment unless otherwise specified (please refer to each trip individually). You can choose to have your deposit refunded or transferred to another holiday (pending availability).


After the balance has been paid, refund will be made (less $50 per person and less any incurred charges by hotels, airlines etc.) if YOU can find a replacement person. If no replacement is found, then all monies paid will be forfeited. No refund for any unused portion of a trip. All cancellations are only considered to have been received on the date of receipt of written cancellation in the office of Comfortable Hiking Holidays.


If we are forced to cancel a holiday, Comfortable Hiking Holidays will endeavour to recoup any monies already paid, however full refunds are not guaranteed. This is one reason why trip interruption & cancellation insurance is mandatory, in addition to medical insurance.



We understand that for the next little while, our guests might feel more comfortable travelling together, so we shall endeavour to do so, if possible and if the participants want to. This decision will be made on a tour-by-tour basis. You do not have to travel together with the other participants if it is offered, but we thought some guests might like to have this as an option.


Regardless of whether the group travels together or not, we strongly recommend booking flights through us because should anything go awry, we have 24-hour back-up assistance to help us out (which was invaluable last year when the pandemic hit). Should you book your own flights (which you can and it is not a problem), we would not be able to assist you should anything need to be changed or cancelled. It does not cost any more to book through us and there are no service fees, but it comes with the distinct advantage of having us around to help if it's needed. We can accommodate any itinerary that suits you and from any city, including stopovers.


Should you decide to book your own flights, Comfortable Hiking Holidays will provide a meeting time and place for each trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you coordinate your schedule to fit with the trip’s itinerary, so that you can take advantage of transfers between airports and hotels together with the group.


Do not book your airfare until you check with Comfortable Hiking Holidays that we have the minimum number of participants to move ahead with the trip. Comfortable Hiking Holidays is not financially responsible for additional expenses incurred by you (such as non-refundable airline tickets) should a trip be cancelled.


Call us to discuss and we will tailor your flights to meet your needs.




The Harmonized Sales Tax will be added to all trips taking place in Canada.



Medical and cancellation/interruption insurance is MANDATORY. You are welcome to purchase travel insurance through us (we work with ManuLife Global) or through your own insurance provider. All participants will be required to show proof of insurance.



For health and safety reasons, all participants in Comfortable Hiking Holidays tours are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Participants will be required to show proof of vaccination.


Should a participant fall ill with Covid while on the tour, the participant will be expected to isolate themselves until they have recovered and have a negative Covid test. This may require a change of hotels or even hospitalization. Such additional costs associated with care, isolation, and repatriation if necessary will be borne by the participant him/herself and/or his/her travel insurance. Refunds will not be provided for activities missed.


It is the traveller’s responsibility to determine what documentation is necessary for each country to be visited. All Canadian and U.S. citizens require valid passports for travel. It is recommended and sometimes necessary that passports have a minimum of 6 months to expiry. Other nationalities should check with Comfortable Hiking Holidays. For more information on travel requirements per country, visit


Entry and exit requirements for the various countries are changing day by day, so today’s conditions may or may not hold true by the time the trip actually takes place. For up-to-date information on entry/exit requirements, go to


It is imperative that the traveller discloses to Comfortable Hiking Holidays any medical condition(s) that may affect his/her ability to complete the hike and/or tour. Examples include (but are not limited to): allergies, ailments, diseases, medical conditions, special diets, medications and so forth. This information will be kept strictly confidential.


Our leaders are well trained to deal with different capabilities, but if they have any concerns about someone’s ability to safely partake in an activity, or their impact on other people’s enjoyment, they are authorized to take necessary action which, in some circumstances, may involve asking someone to miss that activity. Although rarely enforced, by booking this trip you agree that our leaders have the authority to do this. In these circumstances we will ensure anyone sitting out is safely provided for and offered alternative options where possible. Refunds will not be provided for activities missed and customers may be responsible for additional costs incurred.


In booking this trip, you should be confident in your ability to participate in all activities described. If you have any doubt about your abilities, please call us to discuss.



Prices are quoted are in CANADIAN DOLLARS (with some exceptions which are quoted in USD). They were calculated based on the exchange rates at the tme of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Should tour costs increase, Comfortable Hiking Holidays reserves the right to increase the price accordingly. If the price change is more than 7% of the total price for the travel services (except for a price change that is a result of Government Taxation), you are entitled to cancel if you wish, with full refund. You must notify us of your intention at least 48 hours after notification or if the change is a last minute change, within 24 hours of notification.



Prices quoted are for shared accommodations (two to a room). A roommate will be arranged  when possible, otherwise the single supplement will apply. Single rooms are available on most holidays; cost for the single supplement is available on request.



The scenery is always picture-worthy so please take as many photos as you wish. We will do the same, but please note that it is customary for us to use photographs taken on actual hikes for our promotional materials. If you do not wish to have your photo used in any of our promotional materials, please inform your hike leader at the BEGINNING OF THE TRIP.



As the great majority of trip participants do not smoke, those who do are requested to refrain from smoking while with the group (e.g. on the bus, during the hikes, at meals, in the bar and in your room if sharing with a non-smoker).



All participants must be at least 18 years of age.



Comfortable Hiking Holidays has attempted to make this site accurate. However, changes might occur for reasons beyond the control of Comfortable Hiking Holidays. In addition, the right is reserved to substitute hotels or change the itinerary when necessary, provided the travel facilities or other services are of at least the same standard or value.



All of our leaders are experienced hikers and have had first aid training. A representative of C.H.H. will accompany all of the trips (unless otherwise specified) to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Our hike leaders will be your guides on most holidays, but in some cases we will use local guides. C.H.H. reserves the right to make changes in hike leaders when necessary.



Neither Comfortable Hiking Holidays nor Vision Travel shall be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment of any nature or kind whatsoever, resulting from events beyond their control or a supplier’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes or disruptions, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, terrorist acts, fire, earthquakes, weather conditions, storms, hurricanes, flood, civil or military authority, government requirement or restriction, disease, epidemic or pandemic.



Comfortable Hiking Holidays and Vision Travel the operators, its agents, and/or suppliers of services act only as agents for the traveler and accept no responsibility for services of any hotel, aircraft, vessel, train, motor coach or any other conveyance used in connection with these tours, nor any delays, loss or accident to travelers or baggage occasioned by such services, from whatsoever cause. In the event it becomes necessary due to changes by supplier's airlines, or for the comfort or well being of passengers, or for any other reason, to alter the itinerary or arrangements, such alterations may be made without penalty to the operator. The extra cost, if any, resulting therefore, shall be paid by the tour members. Conversely, refunds will be made to passengers if any savings are effected thereby. The right is reserved to cancel any tour and to decline to accept any person as a member of the tour, at any time. Acceptance of the initial service to be provided under the tour shall be considered an acceptance of all these conditions. There may be different living standards and practices and different standards and conditions with respect to the provision of utilities, services and accommodations outside Ontario. Climate conditions may affect the provisions of services and the accommodations included in our tours. Accommodations offered in the tour are, to the best of our knowledge, available at the time of printing and accurately described.



Participants are required to sign a “Covid Waiver” form, which acknowledges that your travel plans may be interrupted or cancelled through no fault of ours, and as such you may or may not be eligible for a refund should things go awry as they did in 2020.



The airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omissions or event during the time the passengers are not on board the aircraft. The Passenger Ticket in use by the airline(s) when issued constitutes the sole contract between the airline(s) and the purchase of the ticket and/or passenger.


Although every precaution is taken for your safety, this type of excursion involves, by its very nature, a certain amount of risk. All participants are therefore required to sign a form releasing Comfortable Hiking Holidays and Vision Travel of all liability.


Effective October 14, 2021, until further notice.