2019 will be our inaugural trip!

Galapagos Islands - NW

This trip is part of the Comfortable Hiking Holidays Adventure Collection.


There are very few spots left in the world that are untouched by human development and preserved in their natural form. The Galapagos Islands is one of them.


Located 1000km from mainland Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago is made up of 13 major islands and 7 smaller ones plus dozens of islets, all surrounding the equator. This is one of the most volcanically active regions in the world, and the islands emerged from the bottom of the sea in the form of astonishing volcanic upheavals. In 1978, UNESCO designated the Galapagos Islands as the first World Heritage Site. Most of the islands are remote with no human life. The number of visitors permitted into the Galapagos National Park per year is restricted, so there’s no mass tourism, big cruise ships or tacky souvenir shops.  Most days we’ll feel like we’re the only humans around. 


The focus of our adventure is the nature around us and the abundant wildlife both above ground and underwater. The Galapagos is a wild landscape with some of the most unique wildlife on the planet; many of its animal species are found nowhere else in the world. You will be amazed by how we can get so close to giant tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, blue-footed boobies and Galapagos penguins, without threatening their territories. The animals here are unfazed; the lack of natural predators has left them fearless. They will allow you to walk around them taking paparazzi photos, and they will carry on with their daily lives as usual. 


Our accommodations will be the Samba, a 78ft motor yacht (Tourist Superior Class) with seven twin-share cabins, all with private bathrooms, hot water and air conditioning. This means that the group size is limited to 14 guests. It is modern, impeccably clean and fully staffed, and wait until you get a taste of the great food our chef has in store for us!  


We are an active bunch and this is an active action-packed holiday. Each day will feature the opportunity to hike (2 hour/light hikes) – often among messes of iguanas and sea lion colonies, to kayak – exploring quiet coves and bays, spotting sea turtles and reef sharks, and to snorkel – with quite literally thousands of colourful fish, starfish and maybe even manta rays. Aboard ship, relax as we sail alongside pods of dolphins and at the end of the day, catch the sunset, cocktail in hand.


We have partnered with a top-notch local outfitter to offer you two trips like no other. This one explores the Northwest (NW) cluster of islands, 6 in total, and reaches the more remote areas of the archipelago and the most geologically active.  Our ship is the ONLY one in Galapagos that takes you snorkeling at the remote Marchena Island. These more westerly islands are famed for their striking lava landscapes, pristine white sandy beaches and giant uplifted coral beds. You are more likely to see the flightless cormorant, and there is more diversity of marine life here because the waters are cooler and richer in nutrients.


Both options include free time in Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) - a perfect opportunity to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. Darwin’s connection to the Galapagos is legendary and dates back to his original visit when he discovered several species of finches that varied from island to island, which helped him to develop his theory of natural selection. Years later, he consolidated all of his observations into his famous book On The Origin of Species, drastically and controversially altering the scientific view on the biological origins of life.


One itinerary is not better than the other. Each island is a little different but they all have one thing in common; beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife. Expect this to be a trip of a lifetime; the Galapagos routinely exceed expectations, and you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature by the end of this tour!


November 11 to 21, 2019


Light to Moderate

What's Included

- 10 nights' twin share accommodations which includes 3 nights on land and 7 nights aboard a motor yacht (Tourist Superior Class)
- 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches, 8 dinners
- Services of a Level III certified naturalist guide
- Domestic flights between Quito and Galapagos (return)
- Free use of kayaks and paddle boards while on board & at dedicated sites
- Wetsuit, snorkel, mask and fins
- Ground/sea transportation and transfers


$5400 USD land

For this trip, we believe that pricing in U.S. dollars is the fairest way to offer you the best rates - with no artificial inflation of prices or lack of protection against fluctuations in exchange rates.

Send $300 deposit to reserve - balance is payable September 12, 2019

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Single rooms are not available on this holiday. All rooms are twin-share.

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Daily Synopsis

Day 1


Day 2

- Imagine sand grains as soft as sugar. Now imagine a sea lion colony and a fabulous sunset. You are here!

Day 3

Considered a birding paradise, the volcanic sea cliffs offer prime breeding places for frigate birds, swallow-tailed gulls, storm petrels, tropic birds and the largest colony of red-footed boobies. It is home to Darwin Bay and the popular hiking trail Prince Phillips Steps.

Day 4

The Galapagos National Park Service granted us the opportunity to snorkel and kayak along Marchena's magical shorelines. Punta Mejia is one of the best sites in the Archipelago to snorkel. Apart from great fish diversity, when we snorkel we often see rays, reef sharks and sea turtles.

Day 5

Human history has left its footprint on this small corner of the Galapagos. Punta Albemarle, the northernmost point of Isabela, was an important US radar station trying to prevent any Japanese attempt to destroy the Panama Channel. In addition to the ruins of the radar base, the lava flows are the nesting ground of the only flightless cormorant in the world.
Punta Vicente Roca offers an overwhelming diversity of geological formations. We will admire the dramatic structures from our dinghies, as we also enjoy watching the Galapagos penguins, blue-footed boobies and other marine life. When the waters are calm enough, the snorkelling is fascinating. The walls of the tuff cones are full of colourful invertebrates and rich in algae giving us a chance to watch sea turtles feeding.

Day 6

AM: PUNTA ESPINOZA, Fernandina Island
PM: URBINA BAY, Isabela Island
Fernandina is the youngest island in the archipelago and one of the world's most pristine island ecosystems. At Punta Espinoza the shoreline is teeming with life. Reptiles, birds and mammals all coexist, singing and sexing. Snorkeling with turtles, iguanas, cormorants and plenty of fish is the best way to refresh after the lava walk.
Urbina Bay was created when a volcanic eruption in 1954 lifted a chunk of seabed, including a coral reef, 6m above the water's surface. The brand new land became the perfect nesting terrain of the most beautiful land dragon - the land iguanas of Isabela (the largest in the Galapagos).

Day 7

Elizabeth Bay is the only place on the Earth where old tropical mangrove forests and penguins can be talked about in the same sentence. The ecosystem is also home to spotted eagle rays, sea turtles and a nursery for fish and marine invertebrates.
At first glance, Moreno Point appears to be a lifeless lava flow. But our walk will reveal where lava tunnel roofs have collapsed and brackish water has accumulated, giving life to greater flamingoes, moorhens, black-necked stilts and Galapagos Martins.

Day 8

In the highlands of Floreana, climb Cerro Alieri to a breathtaking view of the fantastic landscape before continueing on to Asilo de Paz to learn about the Floreana "affair".
In the afternoon, snorkel at one of the best spots in the world - Devil's Crown, a volcanic crater that has been eroded away by the waves. Inside the crown is an underwater oasis of coral reefs, playful sea lions, angel fish, eels, white-tipped sharks, and sea turtles.

Day 9

Morning disembarkation and then off to explore the Highlands of Santa Cruz, including Los Gemelos and El Chato Tortoise Reserve where giant tortoises roam in the natural habitat.

Day 10

This is a free day in Puerto Ayora and a perfect opportunity to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Day 11



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What an experience!


2019 will be our inaugural trip!


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Galapagos Islands - NW


November 11 to 21, 2019

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