"I cannot find high enough words of praise for this trip! C.H.H. has prepared a program that honours and illuminates all aspects of visiting a country like Kenya. The cultural experiences and opportunities were beautiful, informative, and respectful. The hikes and walks they have chosen traversed interesting routes and paths through stunning scenery, complete with an abundance of wildlife greeting us up close and personal. On the game drives, the vast open landscape took my breath away. The guides, fondly named "The Dream Team", were extremely kind, knowledgeable, open, helpful, and such fun to be around! Maddalena, as the trip leader, was outstanding! It was obvious, through her actions and interactions, that Maddalena deeply cares for and respects the people, the animals, and the natural environment in Kenya and that made my experience, as a guest, even more personal and memorable. The trip to Kenya was way more than I expected. It has left an imprint deep in my heart."
Tammy T. (Kenya 2017)


Imagine yourself hiking alongside herds of zebras and giraffes; there are no fences and this is not a zoo. This is Kenya.


A joy for animal-lovers and bird-watchers, our safari will take you to 3 different parts of the country. We begin in the Central Highlands, home to the Kikuyu tribe, where we will undoubtedly spot our first warthog as well as dozens of coffee and pineapple plantations. Our home base is the luxurious ABERDARES COUNTRY CLUB, and our hikes will introduce us to gazelles, impalas and waterbucks throughout the lush countryside.


We then move to the Rift Valley (famed for its gorges, dormant volcanoes and soda lakes) where we explore the beauty of Crescent Island and even go to “Hell”! SAWELA LODGE, near Lake Naivasha, will be our home away from home.


Our safari then continues into the heart of Africa's most famous region - the Masai Mara - which encompasses an astonishing amount of wildlife. We will be staying at the doorstep of the National Reserve at the MARA LEISURE TENTED CAMP. Game drives will take us through classic savannah in search of prides of lions on the hunt and leopards hiding in the shade of acacia trees. The Masai Mara is also the homeland to Kenya’s most celebrated tribe and we shall spend some time visiting with these proud morans and their families.


This time of the year was expressly chosen as July is the coolest month of the year in Kenya and also in July, huge herds of wildebeest and zebras migrate to the lusher grounds of the Masai Mara – a phenomenon we hope to capture during our visit.


Note: By watching wildlife in Kenya, you are helping to conserve it, as wildlife tourism contributes to the long term viability of the sanctuaries where the innumerable herds of animals can continue to live in freedom.


July 14 to 26, 2019


Light to Moderate

What's Included

- 12 nights cottage and luxury tented camp accommodations
- 12 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 12 dinners
- 6 guided hikes
- 5 game drives
- Visit to Masai manyatta
- Visit to tea plantation
- All entry fees for attractions per itinerary and all park fees
- Ground transportation and transfers


$4885 USD land

For this trip, we believe that pricing in U.S. dollars is the fairest way to offer you the best rates - with no artificial inflation of prices or lack of protection against fluctuations in exchange rates.

Send $300 deposit to reserve - balance is payable May 14, 2019

My Own Room

If you would like to share accommodations, we offer a roommate pairing service. If there is another solo traveller looking to share accommodations, we will pair the two of you up together; in this case there would be no single supplement to pay.

If you would like to have your own room (or if a roommate is not available), then the single supplement would apply.

The cost of the single supplement for this holiday is $770 USD.

Meeting Times/Places

July 14, 2019
The meeting place and time is the NAIROBI (NBO) airport at 23:00
Our guides/jeeps will meet us at the airport and take us to the hotel in Nairobi (about 30 minutes away).
If you arrive before that, we recommend you wait for our guides/jeeps. If you prefer to go directly to the hotel on your own, let us know and we will help arrange transport (added cost TBC).

July 26, 2019
We will be at the NAIROBI (NBO) airport by about 19:00
On the morning of July 26, we will still be in the Masai Mara and will be going to a tea plantation on the way back to Nairobi. These activities will last ALL DAY, so do not book flights leaving earlier than 21:00 on July 26 as you will not make it to the airport on time. There is considerable traffic in Nairobi and it is a busy airport, so it would be ideal to have at least 2.5 before your flight departs.


This trip is sold out but we would be pleased to add your name to the waitlist.

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Daily Synopsis

Day 1

Upon arriving in Nairobi, get a good night's sleep before beginning our Kenyan adventure in earnest the following day.

Day 2

Transfer to Nyeri in Central Kenya, arriving in time for lunch. In the afternoon, hike where warthogs and impalas roam free, not to mention gazelles, reticulated giraffes and the biggest antelopes - the elands. (Light-moderate, 6 km)

Day 3

First game drive of the holiday. Solio Ranch is a rhino sanctuary with the world's largest population of black rhinos. Buffalo, giraffes, zebras and various members of the antelope family also call this home.

Day 4

Aberdare NP is characterized by deep ravines, huge waterfalls and moorlands. Many animals live in this park including rhinos, leopards, baboons, and Colobus monkeys. Hike and picnic in the moorlands before transferring to The Ark to overnight. (Moderate, 7km, undulating)
The Ark is deep in the Aberdare NP and was designed for game viewing. Its large picture windows overlook a floodlit watering hole which gives us the opportunity to have the animals come to us instead of the other way around.

Day 5

Transfer from Central Kenya to the Rift Valley - renown for its volcanoes, hot springs and soda lakes. Visit the Gilgil Spinners and Weavers where artisans spin wool dyed with local plants and weave fabrics and carpets on handmade looms.

Day 6

Visit the Lake Naivasha Primary School and play with the children at recess.
After lunch, take a boat to Crescent Island. Crescent Island is the protruding rim of an extinct volcano and a private sanctuary for hundreds of giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and waterbucks. (Light, 6 km)

Day 7

Lake Elementaita is one of the Rift Valley's soda lakes and its shorelines were once fringed in pink thanks to thousands of flamingos. Hike from the shores of the Lake, past children bathing in the hot springs, and into the Kikopey Hills to the edge of Horseshoe Crater. (Light-moderate, 13 km)
Visit the colourful Naivasha market, a typical African trading centre, on our way home.

Day 8

Hell's Gate NP is stunning! Hike first along African savannah as zebras graze lazily and baboons clamour about. Then descend into Hell's Gate Gorge whose valley floor is lined with obsidian from the two extinct volcanoes nearby. A side-trip into Old Njorowa Gorge will reveal a sandstone ravine that has been artfully sculpted by water. Wait until you see the display of sunlight as is dances and curves around the walls of the gorge. (Moderate, 12 km)

Day 9

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary is home to over 150 species of birds, not to mention giraffes, zorillas, aardvarks and black & white colobus monkeys. Do a circular hike atop the crater rim with excellent views of the blue-green lake down below. (Moderate, 10 km)

Day 10

Safari is the Swahili word for journey and today we transfer from the Rift Valley to the Masai Mara. The sheer density of wildlife and classic savannah of the Masai Mara is the reason some people come to Kenya at all.
(Road conditions can be unpredictable; the drive will be dusty and bumpy and will require long distances on unpaved roads.)
Do a game drive in the late afternoon, catching our first sunset over the Masai Mara.

Day 11

Set off on a morning game drive in search of simba, cheetahs and leopards. Of course, also stop for elephants, giraffes and zebras! Just outside the Talek Gate of the National Reserve, meet up with a Masai who will take us to a manyatta to meet his age-mates and the women of the village. They will dance and sing for us!

Day 12

In July and August is the annual wildebeest migration when millions of wildebeest move north from the Serengeti Plains to the Masai Mara in search of lusher grasslands. Hopefully, we'll be here just in time to be part of this phenomenal experience. But as nature is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee when the migration will take place, so today's activities will have to remain flexible.

Day 13

From the Masai Mara, we journey back to Nairobi, but first stop at a tea plantation for tea (naturally). Kenya is the world's 3rd largest tea exporter and the Kiambethu Tea Estate is one of the oldest in Kenya. From the tea farm, continue on to the Nairobi airport for the flight home.
Kwaheri Kenya!

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What an experience!


"I cannot find high enough words of praise for this trip! C.H.H. has prepared a program that honours and illuminates all aspects of visiting a country like Kenya. The cultural experiences and opportunities were beautiful, informative, and respectful. The hikes and walks they have chosen traversed interesting routes and paths through stunning scenery, complete with an abundance of wildlife greeting us up close and personal. On the game drives, the vast open landscape took my breath away. The guides, fondly named "The Dream Team", were extremely kind, knowledgeable, open, helpful, and such fun to be around! Maddalena, as the trip leader, was outstanding! It was obvious, through her actions and interactions, that Maddalena deeply cares for and respects the people, the animals, and the natural environment in Kenya and that made my experience, as a guest, even more personal and memorable. The trip to Kenya was way more than I expected. It has left an imprint deep in my heart."
Tammy T. (Kenya 2017)


"It was a great trip! I have no words for the emotions I felt in seeing the sites and hearing the sounds of this wonderful country. All was marvelous!"
Andrea D. (Kenya 2017)


"This trip was one of those rocking chair moments... things we will remember when all else fades. Thank you again."
Karen M. (Kenya 2017)>/i>


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